Nostradamus.Real name - Michel de Nostrdam, born in the XVI century and lived a long life.His ability he noticed while still in school.But write down their predictions he started only 52 years of age.Nostradamus quatrain has created 942 of the future, some of which has been lost and the other is encrypted.Some are still skeptical about his predictions.
Vangelia Pandev Dimitrova, or, as he called her people, Baba Vanga.A woman with a difficult fate, Blinded 12 years of age.She was returning home when she was a whirlwind came and took the girl by hundreds of meters.Wang found only in the evening with his eyes full of sand.For the first time speak about it during the Second World War, she locates the soldiers, as well as whether they are alive or not.By the age of 30 Wang became civil servants and paid.Talk about the Bulgarian clairvoyant
still do not cease.
Wolf Messing - quite sensational figure in the XX century.He assured that can read minds.It was he who predicted his demise Hitler.This man was a mystery to many.One touch of his hand, he could cure a sick patient.Millions of people went to his performances.Wolf Messing first noticed his talent suggestion, as a young boy.Once, when he was riding the train a hare, I was able to convince the conductor that is a regular piece of paper tickets.
Grigory Rasputin - the most mysterious soothsayer.He predicted more than 100 events, of which the most famous was the death of the king of the dynasty and the period of Stalin's repressions.Rasputin was murdered by conspirators December 17, 1916.
Edgar Cayce is known prophet of the XX century.He predicted the end of the Second World War and the death of President Kennedy and Roosevelt.
about the September 11 attacks of 2001 in the United States told the twin sister Linda and Terry Jamison.
about a clairvoyant and healer Juna heard how many.She was born in 1949, July 22.Her patients were Brezhnev, Ilya Glazunov, Robert De Niro, Andrei Tarkovsky and others.In 2001, after the death of his only son Vakhtang healer became a recluse.