Freedom of thought

Learn to liberate the mind from extraneous thoughts.The average person absorbed in thoughts of the past, he constantly analyzes current events and worried about possible problems.Since it is impossible to obtain information from external sources.You should be able to cut unnecessary negativity and take a certain time to solve everyday problems.

meditate.The practice of removing physical lock and release the mind from thinking helps to become sensitive to the slightest changes in the environment.It should always be present in the present.For example, if a person sits down flowers, he did nothing to think, moreover like to plant flowers.If you want to read information from a person, then you just need to look at the object.This in no case does not seek to see the desired and not to build their own assumptions.

stay free of emotions and external influences.Sudden mood swings hinder perceive information.Get into the habit of not taking into account other people's point of view, is not to make an independent conclusion about a person.


properly formed in the minds of the question.When you need to find out information about a person, you need to mentally ask questions and do not expect an immediate response.Take a break at the time to other activities, and the universe itself will respond at the right time.The information may come in the form of images, overheard story or inner voice.

Most practitioners.With each new acquaintance try to read information from a person.Submit a moment from his past, to feel the inner world - the person lives, and what is waiting for his future.In the future, communication compare how your experience turned out to be true.

develop intuition.Trust your inner voice and personal feelings.Heart warns in difficult situations.There are times when a person seems outwardly very friendly, but intuition tells us that this is not so.

Attention to detail

Be observant and watch for the slightest changes in the situation and behavior.Study the psychology of the individual.No need to go to the astral plane and draw the information out there that you can learn a lot about a person in person.Pay attention to the individual qualities of the habits and demeanor.For personal characteristics can understand the inner world of man, and predict possible developments.