Monkey - a woman and a horse-man

It is in this combination that the union has the right to exist.Both of these signs are different lively and mobile intelligence, the ability to carry out even the most incredible projects and the pursuit of prosperity.Monkey is unlikely to want to be submissive housewife, her active life position can become a solid foundation of marriage.It will inspire your man and help him to achieve unprecedented success in his professional career.

This alliance is more like a fruitful cooperation between the two determined and strong personalities.Unfortunately for roman
ce there is very little space, but it will not be very depressing.

Horse - a woman and a monkey - man

be affected by spells charming and clever Monkey, the first time the horse will feel on top of the world.However, insight and disappointment may occur very soon.This alliance will both feel deprived.They lack honesty in a relationship.Cunning and sophisticated monkey can begin to lead a double life.The horse will feel the hype and start to suffer from it.

Horse Monkey try to help get rid of levity, but that instead of gratitude will scoff at it.For Monkey horse seems too naive.

friendship and business relationship

Monkey used to achieve the desired result with the help of tricks and intrigues.She rarely acts directly.She prefers to develop a win-win strategy.Flexibility of mind makes the monkey master of the psychological impact.The horse is not used to think twice.It is a man of action.For Horses in business relationships are important straightforwardness and openness.Horse sincerely do not understand the intrigues of the Monkey.

Monkey - a born diplomat.They can wriggle out of any, even the most hopeless situation.To force them to act otherwise fails to anybody.If they need something, they do not hesitate to go to the hoax, but this time on their face will be playing an innocent smile.

horse is used to achieve success in their professional career because of organizational talent and ability to act assertively and openly.Their employees and colleagues must be people active, hardworking and energetic.

Horse and Monkey can not fruitfully cooperate in the field of business.The eternal desire to lead all the monkeys unimaginable ways make the horse to start open opposition that will constantly be harmful to the common cause.

The friendship between these two characters is possible only when it does not require sacrifice.Rather, they can become good friends than friends.