General information about the 2015 year
General predictions of astrologers promise harmonization of life, more of the world, at the same time a lot of positive and unexpected changes, both in public life, in politics, cultural andscientific spheres.Pluto and Uranus in Aries - a rare phenomenon, with a cycle in 72 years marks the rapid growth, discovery and breakthrough in all areas of human activity.Luck will accompany an honest, kind and dedicated to people and family.Patron, the Jupiter enables to start major cases and implementation of global projects.Is activated at the beginning of the year of climate change and possible natural disasters abate from the middle of the year.
Although the banking sector in Europe and Russia will be exposed to shocks and turmoi
l for those who are willing to work, the year is favorable and will be able to compensate for the effort.
From July to October, Jupiter is in the constellation of Aries, which stimulates creativity, ambition, leadership, reveals talents.Time favors the people of art, sportsmen and politicians.
Family, love, love life.
2015 th - the perfect year for a family.Search time loving and nurturing it into existing relationships, updates feelings.
People with chronic diseases of the stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen will not be easy, because health is naughty and a lot of troubles.One should pay attention to the first symptoms of the disorder or malfunction of the body.Possible movement of stones, acute pulmonary diseases: bronchitis, pleurisy.There is a risk of cancer in the organs of the digestive system.It is best to undergo treatment in a sanatorium, if possible.
For Russians of all stripes
Astrologers predict the beginning of the "Golden Age", the revival that starts with farmers and agriculture.
How to celebrate New Year 2015
This is best done in a large group of friends or family at the table, a rich vegetable meats, fruits and dishes, generously flavored greens.Attire should choose an original, unusual for your style as Goat - being unpredictable, eccentric.Originally will look dress or suit in a rustic style, in a small flower or with folk ornaments made of natural fabrics: cotton, linen, calico, wool.Make the most simple and natural.Jewellery made of natural stone and wood.The hair braiding is welcome.