Select the shape of the dial of the speedometer.It may be circular or semi-circular, with the flat side down.If it is combined with other devices, such as a tachometer, fuel gauge, etc., draw a common dial, shaped like a trapezoid with rounded corners. Speedmeters dials with other forms are relatively rare.
first draw an arrow, because it is in the foreground.If you draw it after divisions and inscriptions, some of them will have to erase, so do so only if the pencil drawing.At a round speedometer needle begins in the middle of the circle, at the semi-circular - flat in the middle of the line.In the second case, part of it is located outside the visible part of the dial.The thickness of the arrows is reduced from the beginning to the end.Position it so that
it pointed almost to the last division.
herself graduated scale should take on a round speedometer is about two-thirds of the circumference, and in the semi-circular - almost the entire half-circle.It should be at some distance from the border dial.Apply evenly dividing every 10 kilometers per hour.Odd-numbered division is not required.Graded speedometer should be with some margin, compared with a maximum design speed of the vehicle, for example, moped last division can symbolize speed of 60 or 70 km / h, despite the fact that he actually can develop no more than 50. The speedometer truck, buses last division usually corresponds to the speed of 120 km / h, the subcompact car - 180 high-class cars - 200. In the middle of the scale, just below its center, apply the designation dimension - km / h.Drawing in color, you can make the division at speeds of 100 km / h and more red.
If the image of the speedometer is used in advertising provider, his grading may differ from classical.Thus, if the provider provides access speed of 10 megabits per second, the next to the last number of division may be positioned 12 and the arrow - indicate division 10. Accordingly, should change and designation for the dimension Mb / s.
Modern speedometer can not do without the odometer.If it is mechanical, draw have two counters - both above and below the center.They are the drum, that is, between the figures are arranged vertical lines indicating the limits of the individual drums.The electronic odometer display is disposed beneath the center of the dial.He is green or yellow, and there are two or three rows of rectangular figures.See how they look, can be on a calculator.