you need
  • - watercolors,
  • - pencil,
  • - sheet,
  • - eraser.
To mark the start of the main elements of your drawing.Apply the location of the main elements of a pencil since the mid plate and moving to the edges.Put all the lines on a vertical, horizontal, angles and shadows of the subject.
Spread pink watercolors liquid enough, dim the tone with a gray paint.With a brush №6 write a book on top of the paint.To write a second book, make a mixture with the addition of bright red paint.This tone should get warmer.Allow the paint application to dry.
Mix paint to write the framework of books.Take cobalt blue and mix it with a little gray paint.Using the tip of the brush, draw the framework within which later cause the gilded inscription on the book.
on the counterfoil books add paint a dark tone.Suitable same cobalt blue, muted gray.The mixture was put on the spine of the book, leaving a place for the gilded inscriptions.
Apply shadows discarded books.They will help to designate a table on which lay a book.To apply shadows mix gray paint, raw sienna and burnt umber.Clearly write the angles of shadows.After that, the picture should be a time to dry.
Next, add to the dark tone of the book.For the cover of the book on top of a gray and pink mix paint.The cover, try to write so that its edge was illuminated along a narrow strip of bottom paint.Similarly, writing the cover of the second book with the help of pre-mixed scarlet and pink paint.
Next, add the gilt lettering on the spine and covers of books.To achieve the effect of gilt, take raw sienna and dim her gray paint.Be labeled accurately.
When you create a drawing with books is very important to keep the most clean-cut.So try not to let the paint pattern merged.