Auxiliary line

Begin drawing with the construction of auxiliary lines.Do them in pencil.Do not press on the rod, because all strokes later have to remove.Draw a straight vertical sheet in the place where you want to draw a bottle.This is her line of symmetry.

Select a location on the vertical line where you want to place the bottom of the bottle.Put point.Draw a horizontal line through it in both directions from the vertical.Equidistant from the middle of the set point or dash, they will limit the size of the bottom of the bottle, so look for symmetry and scale.Draw an ellipse passing through these points, its center should fall exactly on the intersection of the vertical and horizontal reference lines.

Determining the height of the bottle

Note in the figure, which ends wi
th the bottle neck.In order to keep the proportions of the vessel, it is necessary to use a pencil.Take it so that it is horizontal, and the thumb can move on its surface.Pull out and prischurtes.Pencil tip must be aligned with one edge of the bottom of the bottle.In the place where is located the second extreme point, put a finger.Turn the pen vertically and count how many times the bottom of the vessel "fit" in its height.This is not necessarily an integer, it may be 3 or 4 times a half and a quarter.Note the value.Then take a pencil, "measure" them at the bottom of the picture and set up the right amount of time.Mark the point on the vertical line.

through the points at the top of the figure a horizontal line.Then measure using the technique described by how many times the bottle neck has its bottom.Keeping the proportions, mark the point on the horizontal line.Construct ellipse passing through them.Its center lies at the intersection of construction lines.Remember that the more you draw an ellipse, so it already, because the lower the figure, we look like from the top, so it's better see them.

Bends bottle

Mentally divide the bottle into pieces: the bottom of the cylinder, the narrowing of the neck, another narrow cylinder.Places where glass bends begin, it should be noted on the vertical line dots.To proportion bottle is not broken, you must also relate how many times each of the selected fragments of more or less the bottom.When all the points are found, swipe through them straight horizontal line and build support ellipses.


Connect all end points ellipses smooth lines.Draw the neck, if the bottle has no lid.Erase all auxiliary eraser strokes.