you need
  • logic, ingenuity, patience, attention and time.
solving puzzles - madly interesting to do, especially if originally invented and decorated.Any Rubik's Cube mazes and almost all of us know and love as a child.

This is a very useful thing in all respects, it is an art.

can develop thinking, attentiveness, wit, quickness of perception, the ability to analyze and think through the situation and improve the fine motor skills of fingers.

But how to learn how to solve them?

The answers will not be watching - so soon lost all interest.

necessary approach to solving puzzles deliberately, with a cool head.Twirl it in the hands or look closely at the general form of the figure (if we are talking about the subject of the collection or in printed form, respectively).
How to solve the puzzles
further assess the situation and check your first, immediately came to mind guesses.Then (in case of failure) try to develop them, to change the position of the puzzle, in the literal sense "to look at it from the other side."Thus, the perception of some refreshing and the opportunity to attend "zamylennost" disappears, allowing much faster to find a solution to this puzzle.In order, namely the freshness of perception, you can ask someone to help you or even tell that person about their attempts to solve the puzzle, after pronouncing again his actions aloud, you sort again perform their thoughts in his head, andyour brain will continue in parallel to analyze a situation, sometimes it allows us to find new ways of solving the puzzle.
How to solve the puzzles
As in any business, there is an important practice.Sometimes, because simply there are certain types of puzzles, which have similar methods of solving, but more often simply based on the more developed your skills as a result of previous activities, thus the decision could come much faster.
Good luck!
How to solve the puzzles