you need
  • water;
  • container for freezing, for example, a plastic bottle;
  • refrigerator.
Take a glass container such as a cup and fill it with water.
necessary to put it in conditions with temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.It may be freezer refrigeration unit or frosty time of the year to put on the window sill.Depending on the amount of water poured into the container and forces cold water may take from one to several hours to complete freezing.Accelerate freezing is possible, if not pour cold and hot water.
It is a known fact in the field of physical experiments, established in 1963.
There is another way to freeze the water in which she literally turn into a solid state within seconds, almost instantly.Since water can be metastable state, it allows to bring it to a temperature at which it has long been theoretically would have to be frozen, e.g., at a temperature below zero degrees Celsius in an environment of normal atmospheric pressure.This state is called a supercooled water exists due to the absence in it of crystallization centers and the absence of mechanical effects such as shakes, bumps and the like.
In order to bring the water to a state take a very pure water can even be filtered.Pour it into a container with smooth walls, for example, in a clean plastic bottle for a few hours and put in the refrigerator to bring the temperature of the liquid to a temperature near to zero Celsius.Typically, in the refrigerator can reduce the temperature to 4 ° C.
Remove the bottle from the refrigerator compartment and place in the freezer or frost, leaving it for 3-4 hours.The feature is that the temperature not lower than -41 degrees Celsius.Otherwise supercooled water will freeze before it will do a "magic action" by instantaneous transformation into ice.
Carefully remove the bottle from the cold and flip his hand on the bottom of a bottle or a stick, stylized "magic."The water very quickly begin to crystallize, causing astonishment impressionable observers.