you need
  • - spray paint;
  • - Brush;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - rubber gloves.
If you decide to make shoes more colorful and saturated colors, as well as to eliminate any defects, then paint them will be easy.To do this, buy the appropriate color of your shoes paint and apply it on the shoes.Paint in the container should be in the form of a spray.Carefully spray on her shoes, simply painting over the damaged area.
If you want to fully paint the shoes, then fit the usual paint for shoes.The easiest way to re-paint them black.To do this in any shoe store or department that sells goods for needlework, get special paint spray black shade.Then proceed to the coloration.In the room where you are going to paint, lay on the floor of the newspaper or plastic wrap, put y
our hands on rubber gloves.
Take shoes inside their tight tamp newspaper.Smooth and accurate movement begins to apply the paint on them.Look at the shoes that did not appear in divorce.It would be best if you apply first one lane and give her a little dry.Then draw a second.It will be visible boundary between them and you can paint more evenly shoes.After staining shoes should dry up.Look at your job in the world.If there are deficiencies, then eliminate them with paint.Carefully read the instructions, you may need to leave the shoes for several days to dry completely.
same way shoes can be painted in any color.Perhaps, at the first examination after painting shoes, you feel that everything is done well.When subsequent wear may occur such defect as peeling paint in places sgiba.Esli you are afraid to spoil the shoes, then give the matter of painting professionals.Give your shoes at any shoe repair your city.