First install the lower cross.For this it is necessary to define the lower edge.Choose a color that will serve as a basis dice - it can be absolutely anything.The main thing is to remain unchanged during the whole assembly.Fold the bottom of the cross.Here you can turn the cube as you like.
Then you need to put all the colors of the faces of the cross.Define a second color, which will be equal, and move it to the top.Any symbol determine the third color.Then your task by turning to swap the second and third color.
Then the second color in the lower base.And do it on the right side of the cube.Scroll through the upper part so that the color number two moved to the front side of the square of
the corresponding color.Then lower the edge of the cube into the ground.So over the edges of the cross will be in the double band of the same color.
Proceed to assemble the base angles.For this, you sometimes need to scroll through the top of the cube.Now lower the top part of the front and down.
Then enjoy a collection of a number of medium dice.If the required detail is in the middle row, then expand the cube as follows: first the right, then up, right, up, up and forward, then move it to the front side, then turn the cube up and right.Next, do a combination of: up, right, up, forward, upward.And finish the movement forward.
Now you need to place a second color to the appropriate places.The main objective of this step - to place each edge in its place.To move an edge, you can make such movements: up, left, up and over to the left.Then scroll up a face, after repeat the combination of left-upper-left.
Assemble a cross on top of the cube Rubik .At the same time keep the toy itself exactly, will not turning in his hands.Rotate the upper part, putting blocks on top of each other.
Move the remaining parts of the second color as follows: turn the cube to the right, then forward, then left, and forward again.Then right again.And then again, a combination of front-left and down.
It remains to collect the entire cube.To do this the right place along the lines of color.Start the rotation to the right, then forward, right and forward.Again to the right.And once again a combination of front-right and forward.
now proceed to the top of the rotation.Twist, exposing some parts of a certain color in the place of others of the same color, which had previously stood here.
then start spinning the cube as follows: right, forward, right and forward again.Now the right and repeat already use a combination of: forward-right-forward.Use such rotation is not entirely collect cube.