Contact your veterinarian.About a month prior to breeding bitch pug to get rid of worms or a policy of preventing invasion.It is desirable to normalize the weight of the dog, which is often redundant.The cycle of reproduction in animals kept in good conditions, occurs at intervals of 8-9 months.First heat arrives at the age of 6 to 10 months, but still mopsiha not physically ready to make a full litter.Limit bitch from communicating with males during this period.Viscous plan for the next cycle.
watch the dog, it is important not to miss the beginning of estrus.The dog changes the order of urination, it is becoming more frequent.Mopsiha begins to lick loop constantly, even after eating.It starts to pull her dogs, but she repels them and behaves aggressively.Look at the color selectio
ns if they become pale and meager, what happens on the 10-13 days from the beginning of estrus, you can begin mating.
not rush pugs , let them pray thee alone.Period flirting needs, it creates the necessary physiological cravings.The dog sniffs mopsihu, so he receives a signal of readiness for mating.The moment of crossing takes about 20 minutes, fertilization is almost always successful the first time.During mating male is active, the bitch is still.
Spend binding pugs on a table or other elevated location.Hold mopsihu the shoulders of the head.You will be more comfortable to stand on the side if the pug inexperienced - will be able to help him.Place one hand under the dog's belly between the hind legs.Forefinger and middle finger "open" loop, so you can help the stud dog to get into the vagina, and then press pugs each other.You can control locking during frictions.
Watch pets.Dogs do not always behave calmly, sometimes come across temperamental pugs.In that case, give him time to rest.If, on the contrary, the dog slow, pretend that bitch out, and then re-enter it in the room.Mopsihu can raise a couple of minutes over the sire, to provoke him to contact, he gets up on his hind legs and try to get it.After this procedure, male, usually successfully making cages.Pampered Pug knit in the absence of the owner.