Today it is quite difficult to say exactly who came up with the name "pajama party."Similar pm in pajamas were held in many countries.In the Soviet Union there was a tradition to wear pajamas at first only men.Moreover, not only was the pajamas sleepwear, and loose clothing away from home.So the evening when neighbors would visit friends, they are not changed into other clothes, and came to visit right in their pajamas.From this tradition has gone to spend cheerful gatherings it is in these clothes.They maintain it in the dormitories, children's and youth camps.At night, after lights out, the girls and the girls in the room were going to have a girlfriend, and discussed the most interesting topics - school, boys, break.There were organized games, beauty salons, tasty treats.However, the name of such
party come most likely from American schoolgirls.

As arranged pajama party

pajama party, as can be seen from the title, it takes place in quite a relaxed atmosphere.For it to anything smart to dress and look good, do not need to cook complicated dishes, decorate the room and set the table.On pajama party usually prepare light meals and snacks, all kinds of sweets, drinks.All this unfolds on the plates, and every guest at the party can afford to take what he wants.At the same time, guests sit where it is convenient.Pajama party can collect the girls on a bed, sofa or even on the floor spread out blankets and pillows.

Each girl usually bring a sleeping bag and pillow, if the beds in the house is not enough.The parents of a girl in the house on that day, as a rule, no, that gives a certain freedom of action.Girls can include loud to your favorite music, watch videos and movies, play active games.Pajama party starts late in the evening and lasts until late at night.Then tired girlfriend stacked together to sleep.

Games at the party

at pajama parties can play any game that knows the assembled company.However, there are also traditional games such parties.One of them is a pillow fight.Should a girl to start fooling around, as it joined other, and eventually leaves the noisy battle against the pillows.The main thing here is not hurt and did not break.Another popular home game is a "Twister", the field is expanded on the floor, arms and legs should be stepping in circles of different colors.This game is suitable for both children and adults, held noisy, cheerful bursts of laughter.You can play in the "Name That Tune" when you need to guess the song for the first few notes, and manicure bottle that turns just as real, but instead use the nail polish, then paint your nails in the specified color.There are many other great games, "Truth or action", "Crocodile", board games and fun contests.