figure of a woman created in the county of Northumberland in the north-west of England, near the town of Cramlington.However, this is not sculpture, and landscape park and fully lady can only see from a bird's flight.Image create flower beds, paths, hills, rock gardens and small ponds.Construction of all that has been spent several years and three million pounds sterling.The material served as a half million tonnes of waste rock and specially selected stones from the waste next to the biggest park in England colliery Shotton.According to the creators, a landscape park will change the appearance of a female figure, not only with the change of the seasons, but a
lso over the years.They plan to further expand the sculpture from the ground, herbs and stones, putting in her new incoming waste from the mine.

artistic part of the project, which was named "Northumberland" on behalf of the county, led by landscape designer Charles Jencks.Lady sculpture occupies a total area of ​​46 acres (19 hectares), its length is quarter of a mile (over 400 meters), width - about 250 meters, and the relief of the body rises 100 feet (over 30 meters).The total length of walking paths, which create the basic pattern is four miles (about 6.5 kilometers).

In early autumn, September 3, "Northumberland" was inaugurated in the presence of a member of the Royal Family - Princess Anne.However, this event was held in the closed to the public, and the general public a new landscaped park took two days.While it does not work every day - between the first working session, which lasted only 4 hours, and the next for the same duration was three days.When the park will work at full capacity, according to estimates of the organizers, the world's largest ladies will attract up to two hundred thousand tourists a year and bring in the treasury Cramlington at least one million pounds sterling.