carp - this strong and careful fish associated with certain features.Important in preparation for a fishing trip is to purchase a special gear - feeder.And even the novice angler you must have some knowledge about fishing.

feeder accessories

Feeder equipped with monofilament line 0.25 mm thick, reliable and durable hooks with "beard" and the trough.As for the hooks, the presence of their "beards" increases the risk of injury to the carp, so it is better to do without support.Feeder rod must meet the requirements of strength, otherwise it may break from the big fish jerks.The length of the feeder is selected depending on fishing conditions.If you do not plan to fish from a distance, you can safely choose a rod with a length of 3.5 m. In the case of long casti
ng trough is to take care of a long rod.

When choosing test takes into account the mass of the feeder troughs traps.If you plan to use small trap up to 60 grams, the weight of the dough feeder should not exceed 80 grams.With a more severe test trap cope feeder weighing 120 grams.Spiral feeder is today a standard and more marketable.It provides a quick washout food, the smell of which in a few moments to spread in water will attract more fish.

coil when necessary inertialess feeder fishing.It will not only allow better control of casting bait feeders, but also more easily vyvazhivat carp.Reel spool must contain not less than 200 m braided fishing line.Coil baytranerom will instantly play off the line at the time when caught carp will actively resist.Braided fishing line to ensure proper sensitivity when fishing and strength.If the latter is carried out with a heavy feeders, it makes sense to install a shock leader.

Features catching

habitat carp are deep backwaters, places with an uneven bottom and a large number of recesses.Throw into the trap of a place with a more powerful feeder, you can start catching yourself.Not to be mistaken with the distance casting, on the line marker you can make a mark, which greatly simplifies subsequent casts.As bait suit sweet corn, worm, or pearl barley.Carp is a very strong bite, so even a momentary confusion can lead to loss of catch and guns.Vyvazhivat fish on the beach need to slowly and smoothly, using the friction brake.Was at the shore to gently pull the carp landing net.