What are the cases?

Times cotton guitar covers have been - is now satin or flannel guitar "clothing" can be purchased only with a very expensive instrument.Basically covers are made of advanced waterproof material, often with a heater.The properties of guitar cases are divided into water-repellent, and mechanical overload.The first - the most thin and light, they are made of waterproof fabric such as nylon calendered.They cost quite cheap.The thermally protective cover protects the tool not only moisture, but also from the cold.In mechanical covers have another property.Thanks to their design and materials, which is commonly used as a durable plastic, they protect the guitar and from impact, compression and other troubles.Cases
are soft, semi-rigid and rigid.Hard Case is also called top box or briefcase.

Case Why you need it

Choice design cover depends on the tool and on how and where you intend to use it.If the guitar is designed primarily for domestic employment, and make it you're going to only in the warmer months, it is fine soft case with or without insulation.Anyone who is still going quite often wearing a guitar on the street, but not very long (for example, from home to the school of music or rehearsal), more suitable semi insulated cover.An avid traveler, without the hard shell case made of durable plastic, is indispensable, especially if it has a good expensive tool.For electric guitar in any case it is better to buy a carrying case or briefcase.

What to take with you to the store

Better, of course, choose a fitting cover, that is possible, you need to take your guitar with you, especially if it is non-standard.But the possibility is not always and not at all.Therefore you need to measure the guitar.Measure the maximum length (from the edge of the headstock to the end of the upper deck), the maximum width and thickness.Guitar can circle on paper and cut out and try this case "templates."Just keep in mind that the "clothes" should be a few centimeters larger pattern, because the guitar should be free to enter the case.

What to look

select multiple covers of the favorite material of suitable shape and size, first check the fasteners - zipper at the soft and semi-rigid covers and locks at coffers.They should be easy to close, but at the same time does not open unnecessarily.Note the dial.It is better if the cover will handle and a belt or two to carry the instrument on his back.Look at what has additional offices.Ceteris paribus pocket for notes, pocket for different things, compartments for pedals - a nice addition, the ability to make transportation more convenient guitar.