Decide whether you want to dance alone at home, alone with a teacher or in a group.If you are attracted to the latter two options, look for relevant ads to find out which schools have dance in your city.If in doubt about the selection, visit a trial lesson or just go like a watch already trained group.By the way, start classes and learn the basics easier it is with other dancers.In these schools, the coaches not only teach movements, but also help to overcome the fear of public speaking, maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the classroom.
Not superfluous and would listen to music and watch the corresponding video.Download them from the internet for free, or purchase special courses.The teacher will tell and show you a s
creen with a lot of movement, explain how you have to move.This will help you to diversify your dance performances, make them more colorful, interesting and impulsive.The main thing - do not be afraid to move, do not think about what you someone is watching.Just train yourself in the mirror more often, it will save you from unnecessary dance shyness.
Dancers with experience are encouraged to give training, at least for 20-25 minutes.If possible, at least a couple times a week spend hour session.
If possible, attend the meeting of dancers at the club.It's worth it, because even watching the movements already experienced dancers will help a lot to understand.Analyzing them dance, you can compare it with their performance, understand what you did right and where wrong.In addition, these meetings can be word of mouth to get good tips to help improve the movement learned and learn a lot of new techniques.