you need
  • table of chords and tablature
Remember Latin designations.Each of them corresponds to a certain sound.The letter A is indicated by the sound To, B - B flat and H - B, C before, and then everything goes in alphabetical order.Letters without symbols designated major triad.Major triad built on certain intervals.For example, a C-major chord consists of sounds before, and of salt.By the sounds of up to and - 2 pitch, they also make up 4 semitones.If you look at the guitar, you need to count on the original sound 4 frets including the original sound itself.By the sounds of salt and - 1.5 tones, that is 3 semitones.If the sound is of the open first string, the sound will be 3 G fret.
Remember how your guitar is built.At 6-string and
7-string guitars a different system, so the location of the chords will be different.Locate the desired recording a simple major chord and try to find its constituent sounds on different strings.On the guitar the same chord can be taken in different positions, so select the version of the chord that you are most comfortable.Check the table with his invention of chords.It offers all possible options for a given chord.Try them all.
Once you understand the simple major chord, calculated a simple minor chord.He, too, is based on certain intervals.Between the first and second sounds in a distance of 1, 5 tones, and between the second and the third - 2 tones.Build a simple minor chord from the sound of the middle.At a distance of one and a half tones of it is up to the sound, and at a distance of two tones to sound - the sound of.Build therefore several minor chords and check them against the table.Minor chord designated bukovkoy m next to a big letter - Cm, Am, and so on.
Near the Latin letter may not only lower case letters, numbers and - C7 Sm7 and others.For example, the designation Smaj indicates that a major chord sound yet increases located relative to the main at a certain stage.In this case the seventh.Calculate how the sound will be the seventh stage in relation to the sound before.This will be the sound of B and the chord is called the Major Seventh.If after a letter is the number 7, it indicates chords.It is very similar to the big major seventh, only the last note will be lower by a semitone.In this case, it would be B flat.
Consider some more notation.For example, the "-" sign before a figure indicates that some missing step in the triad..
Learn to use tablature.They usually indicated how each chord is indicated on the guitar fretboard, and even put down the fingers, which is necessary to clamp the respective strings.Remember that the thinnest string on the guitar - the first and the thickest - sixth or seventh.Numbering modes starts from the headstock.The dots on the fingerboard are designated 5, 7, 10 and 12 frets.