Reduced sound quality due to the fact that between the turns of the strings clogged dust and other dirt.So the best way to avoid such a problem - constantly care for the instrument.
Clean strings, you can use normal washing-up liquid (fits all solution that removes fat).First unscrew the pegs and string remove .Then apply a small sponge or brush a little detergent, walk it several times along each string .Be sure to rinse thoroughly with water.After that must be dried string using waffle towels or cotton cloth.In no case do not use the towels, this turns on the villi appear to be spoiling the guitar.
before again pulling the strings
tool, make sure that they are well dried.If you urgently need a guitar, they can be dried with a hair dryer.
In case you have not used the guitar and its strings heavily contaminated, then it is better to boil, but do not wash.In a small saucepan pour the water, and then add one tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of salt.Put strings in the resulting solution, and the water should completely cover them.Leave the pan on the fire for two hours.Remember that this method is suitable only for the metal strings, nylon from it sours.When you pull the string on guitar, inspect them for signs of corrosion will testify that they would soon tear.
following method not only qualitatively cleanse string , but also significantly prolong its service life.In specialty stores, you can find tools to clean the strings.Often, they look like a sponge soaked in degreaser.
cleaning the strings the first two methods should be resorted to only in extreme cases.To make sure your tools are always sound great, try to regularly wash their hands before the game, and the guitar wearing only a special case.