Nowadays folk omens few people know, and quite a few people who observe them.However, it is believed that strict adherence to the signs and is able to provide protection from trouble and lure happiness, success, financial well-being.

Signs about money

Many will with money.For example, such a sign, like counting money at night, quite interesting for many people: a modern person who uses the services of banks, shop on the way home from work, can not always do without counting money after sunset.

and superstitious, suspicious people, and serious economists are professionals united in the opinion that money likes counting.Regular counting money is considered to be the key to wealth - they have to be considered, both orally and in writing.In addition, the money should be shown respect: they can not crush, tear and crumple, and you just have to count at a certai
n time, which is money "like."

Of course, not all the people trust the signs, but to those that relate to cash flow, still listening.

Why can not count the money at night

As the people's will, in any case can not be considered money in the evenings, especially after the sun goes down - that is, at night.

Any financial affairs, including debt collection and recounting cash available, should be postponed until the morning.This superstition beliefs grew out of evil spirits, for which the government allocated just a night.We can assume that because of the financial transactions at an inopportune time, evil spirits can affect the future well-being in terms of money and greatly damage the person who violates the prohibition, the possibility of their receipt.

If you absolutely can not do without in order not to count the money, you can try to fool evil spirits, and put the money on the floor.After that they are fallen, and the evil spirits so much money as it does not notice damage and the person you dare count them, will not be able.

Any restrictions that are associated with money, in compliance helps protect from the effects of evil forces unnecessary losses.The rules of correlation between sunlight and gold - and the evening and night for money unfavorable and unresponsive on welfare.That is, when there is no sunlight, for money is considered inappropriate.

purse favorably to everything associated with the increase, growth.That ends and stops the growth, such as the setting sun can damage business.Therefore, do not count the money at night - will not be driven.