to work on any procedure related to the exercise of intuition, you need to follow the following algorithm:

Focus on the target or focus on specific issues

start to listen to the first sensations that occur withinYou

decipher caused sensation and received promises of follow
classic exercises to develop intuition - work with maps or any other objects that can detect only by means of the internal intuition.Give this exercise a minimum of 20 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time and complexity of the tasks.
Often listen to him.Learn to distinguish thoughts swarming in my head, from the inner voice.Turn your attention to the feelings of the mind.Even if the decision seems illogical to you, but you feel that it is correct - to yield to it and watc
h where your intuition leads you.If you are not satisfied with the result - I do not worry.Over time, the internal voice will give you more precise instructions.
Intuition is directly related to our creativity and inspiration.Therefore it is impossible to reveal the first without paying attention to the second.Take the work of finding something for everyone.This can be anything from singing in the shower, to create a musical work of art, the main thing - to follow their inner impulses and of spirituality.
When possible, allow yourself a small deviation from the pre-conceived plans or use maps in unfamiliar territory - let inner compass guide you.
To learn how to isolate the voice of intuition among the thousands of voices that sound in your head, you need to develop the ability to concentrate.Suitable any available technique you - meditation, exercise, martial arts, or solving puzzles.To achieve sustainable results classes should have a regular character.
fear to make a mistake can seriously block the channel through which you connect to your intuition.Therefore, do not put ourselves too complex tasks and do not use this method for decision-making related to finance and property.At least at first, until the technique you have not yet mastered.