Tip 1: How to remove the damage to the family

damage usually diagnosed people who are studying the effects of magic, but it can be noted and people are not well versed in such matters.Corruption in the family often leads to a repetition of similar events, for example, fights for no reason or fatalities occurring in every generation.Symptoms may be uncharacteristic, improper behavior.
find out who cast the spell.This is one of the most important moments.This may have been done a long time ago, and have suffered not only you, but your parents, grandparents.If you know the name of the person who put damage, go to church, put a candle for his health and for the peace in depending on whether alive foe and then make Prayers.It is advisable to have done all the members of your family.
simple person, to impose damage, his sin, and pray for him.Forgiveness and letting go of the situation - one of the most important moments in the removal of spoiling.Try to gain an understanding of human behavior, empathize with him.So you remove a
stone from his soul and rid themselves and their families.If you hold on evil enemies, the problem may worsen.
Clean.Variants of its performance very much.If you have the opportunity to meet the dawn, go out every morning at sunrise, rinse with clean water face and hands.Meet the sun's rays, "being charged" their energy and imagining how water absorbs into the ground all the bad things that had been done to your family, and the light purifies you.Perform the ritual is necessary for at least a week.Remember, cleaning is only an intermediate step after working with church candles and before the construction of the defense.
Clean your house.You can use a candle - both ecclesiastical and homemade wax.At night, the full moon closest to the master or mistress of the house need to go slowly with a candle along all the walls, lingering in places where the candle is cracking, chadit or "crying."It is important that the building while there was only one person.Cleaning is best to repeat three nights in a row.
Listen to your feelings.When you clean from corruption, you will certainly feel it.This process is slow, even if the damage was imposed quickly.However, you will notice that gradually the situation began to improve.To make sure that everything was done correctly, contact the webmaster.
Follow protective ritual.It can be done using various methods: suitable runic magic, protective charms and prayers, positive energy charged amulets.This step is necessary if the family will try again to impose damage, you can protect yourself and the situation will not be repeated.A good option - an appeal to their ancestors or guardian angel to ask for help and protection.

Tip 2: How to remove the damage to the family

Corruption - a negative impact on human rights by the detractors, applied through a magical ritual by the things or objects of any kind, food or beverages, with the help of the conspiracy and evenlook.
Spoilage can be neutralized (remove) reverse magic ritual
you need
  • - church candle;
  • - herb St. John's wort;
  • - juniper;
  • - knife;
  • - black beans;
  • - straw;
  • - salt.
to rid itself of corruption, it is necessary to start to make sure whether it is corruption.Signs of damage induced by a person or a whole family, are pretty obvious.But many do not notice them, writing off all the bad luck, bad or black stripe in life.Here are some "preventive" magical rituals to cope with the most serious corruption.They can be carried out even if the person is not sure that was the object of targeting corruption.Home and family, they will not hurt.
need to buy at the market on Thursday pound (450 g) large salt.On Friday, go to church, and buy the church candles.On Saturday, also in the market to buy a knife with a long blade and a bunch of dried herb St. John's wort.Ideally, St. John's wort to assemble their own pre-night on the full moon hung in a house near the ceiling and dry, but since not all urban residents have the opportunity, the grass is allowed to buy.
Saturday night to take everything with them and go to a quiet lonely place where there is land.This can be a forest, parks, abandoned garden cemetery.The main thing that there were no people.Once there, you need a knife to dig a shallow hole, put the first St. John's wort, and then a knife, then sprinkle salt.Cover the ground and go home.Houses bought to light in the church on Friday the candle and get around the whole house, every room, in a clockwise direction.Burning candles with the need to "baptize" all windows and doors and all the angles.When the tour is over, you should get up in the middle of the room facing the door nine times out loud and say, Corruption, I command you to leave this place! ".This can be done any adult member of the family, which is induced damage.
next way to exile damage can only use the head of household.After midnight he should wash your hands well with soap and water, wipe the new towel.Before it is necessary to prepare a few large handfuls of black beans.The owner has to go through all the rooms in a clockwise direction and at every step to throw over your left shoulder for a single bean.Nine times to pronounce Conspiracy: "It toss, redeeming himself and his."During bypass in any case can not look back.
If you know who the enemies of the damage brought upon the family, proceed as follows.Make a straw doll, and burn her with fire.Then obmesti angles apartment homemade broom juniper.Next, you need to burn a sprig of juniper and fumigate the smoke of all the rooms.In this three times to create a conspiracy: "Keep off the walls, floors of chur, chur these ceilings.Corruption, damn, under the earth go away, fly away into the sky, in this house do not enter. "
Anyone, even the most severe damage is more difficult to penetrate a person if it is put on the cross.The house, too, should draw crosses on the door jamb.
Helpful Hint
to damage not penetrated into the house, above the threshold needed to nail a horseshoe.