basic techniques of Gothic art

Gothic style characterized by straight lines interlacing vertical and arcuate lines, circles with repetitive fragments and stylized floral motifs.Most clearly the principle of construction of the Gothic ornamentation is reflected in the pattern masverk, which is used for openwork decoration products made of wood and stone fireplaces and stained glass.The Gothic decoration of a lot of patterns, based on the image of plants, mostly spiny (thistles, thorns, wild rose) whose jagged silhouettes very natural match the style of the era.Gothic is characterized by direct and clear lines, it opens a huge space for fantasy in the preparation of geometric patterns.

valuable elements of Gothic ornamentation is considered an image of mythical creatures.Zoomorph
ic and anthropomorphic motifs may reflect the legends and fairy tales.Canon is considered to be an image of a female head on the body of a bird or a fish, a human face passing through the trees, animals and people with wings unnatural, broken poses.

Creating motive

start painting Gothic ornament should immediately designate the boundaries of the element for which the figure should not go.To facilitate the task, you can draw a frame in pencil, at the end of the line to erase eraser.

draw geometric pattern from mid-conditioned square combining straight lines and arcs of semicircles.The most convenient way to do it with a ruler and compass.The most famous gothic symbol is a schematic view of one of the royal lilies on a tall stalk of a flower, or 4 linked together.

basis of plant pattern passes around the element and is drawn first.At the base of Gothic ornament, as a rule, it is the trunk of a tree or a branch, which then strung additional elements: leaves, flowers or grapes.Draw a wavy or zigzag line around which then have a smaller part.

Formation ornament

repeating the same pattern created odnomotivny pattern, this technique is used for the tape frame paintings and furniture decoration.If you dilute the vegetable elements of repeating geometric motifs get the so-called border, which is used to frame the three-dimensional objects.Creating Gothic ornament on the computer useful technical capabilities up to combine the recurring motifs in the pattern.