you need
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - colored pencils.
shape of the nose depends on the nationality, age and gender of the person.This part of the face resembles a prism at its core, and this figure consists of four parts.The first part of the brow begins and ends with the beginning of the bridge, from the front it looks like a trapezoid, a large base upwards.
All other elements when you look at them directly resemble single trapeze, but from a smaller base upwards.From the beginning to the middle of the bridge (or the hump, if it is on your picture) takes the second part of the prism of the nose.The third part goes through the nose.The most part of the fourth volume of the prism consists of a tip of the nose and wings
(the nostrils).
No matter what shape your nose you want to draw, the main prism must be preserved.Sketch.Let it will not be perfect, but you outline the location of all the elements that make up the nose.Pencil line must be thin to be easily erased at the end of the picture will not be visible.
Mark auxiliary line on the sketch.Round the wings of the nose, make them more realistic shape.Their loop must not touch the tip of the nose lines.Draw a nostril and an inner side of the wings.Try to perform these activities more accurately, the shape of these elements remain unchanged.
Schedule of the nose.Do not make the solid lines on the final figure it will look unrealistic.Enough short circuit, which must not be connected to the bridge of the nose and wings.Now you can smooth lines show the transition from the brow to nose.This sketch is the basis of the nose, so it must be made believable.
Now we need to apply the shadow.Consider where the light will fall, and how to lay down the shade with highlights.To identify the walls of the nose and the nose is undesirable to use the precise contours.The walls of the nose darker mark on the fine lines of your circuit.In the same way mark and bridge of the nose, but lighter light strokes.Blick also be present on the tip, and the shadow - near the nostrils of the nose and wings.