you need
  • - album sheet;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint.
Sketch pencil outlines Ranetki Ani.At the top of the sheet Draw an oval - the girl's head.Under the bottom of the draw two short vertical lines representing the neck.Then continue the line in the horizontal position, diverging in different directions.So mark the shoulders.
Draw the hands of Ani.First complete one line on each side, gently rounded shoulder transition and then on the inside add another one, repeating the first line.Put one hand on the waist - bend it at the elbow.Schedule a hand with long thin fingers.
Draw torso Ranetki.First, draw a rectangle, placed vertically, and then it slightly concave in the middle, forming a shape that resembles an hourglass.
So mark the waistline.
Make drawing facial features.Ranetki - this is a girl in real life, so you need to follow the proportions of person required.Divide the head into three equal parts with horizontal lines.A little above the middle of the central part of the eye line mark.Draw yourself a little slanted eyes and large.Doris eyelashes and eyebrows short strokes - toothed tench.Very soft touches mark the nose.Smile, draw a straight horizontal line, which depicted a small arc across the width of the lips.
Schedule line long hair.For this picture the parting, and thick bangs lower forehead.Then wavy lines picture a length of hair.Also, mark the boundaries of clothing Ani.
razrisuy Ranetki.Paint the girl's body in pink.Hair color into light brown, then add dark strokes given the location of the light glare.Lips nakraste calm color pink skin tones.
Leave foundation stamp white women, black and gray adding decorations in the form of lines and various beads.In the same way, draw and other Ranetok essentially changing a hairstyle and facial expression.