you need
  • - pencil;
  • - a sheet of paper.
To begin, draw two rectangles in which you will fit the horse.Raschertite them as shown in the figure.Now schematically designate a body.In the upper part of the large rectangle draw three oval.In a small rectangle label head at an angle of 45 degrees, draw a small square, note the square should be smaller than the circle.
Circle the two figures so that the little square piece performed.Above the circle, draw a small triangle marking the ears.Draw the animal's neck with a slightly curved on the outer side of the triangle.Draw two lines of support for the feet.Note that the second shedding slightly more inclined than the first.Designate the hoof using right triangles lying above them draw small circles
for the ankles.On the same line label knees, knee back foot should be shown just above.
Now combine all the figures as shown in the figure.Mark the tail of a horse with two elongated slightly curved lines.
So the horse is almost ready, it remains to draw the wings.From the top of the first oval, lightly grasping the point of intersection with another oval, draw a straight vertical line.Doris this line to a rhombus, which put a slightly tilted to the right triangle.With this frame wings will draw much easier.Now, based on the drawing, draw a self wing.
Breathe in horse life: draw the remaining two legs in a more natural position.Based on the figure mark the levels of growth of feathers.
Draw eyes, nostrils and mouth.Draw feathers on the wings so that the edges of the base to the increased size of the feathers.Do not try to make feathers look like each other, it will not look natural!

Then Doris mane and tail.