you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser.
Make sketches of the tank, barrel pointing towards.Draw a horizontal line, slightly curved in the middle.Spend under it two straight lines intersecting at the site, located at the top of the bend point.Connect these places vertical.Verticals also held outside the boundary points of two lines.Then Doris prism located on the main body of the tank, which will symbolize the turret.
Schedule border caterpillars.Two lines lower body picture a small arcs.From the inside, add the two lines representing the width of the tracks.Spend horizontal - tracks divide in half.Under it, draw a wheel, located in the middle of the tracks.For this line wheels divide into e
qual sections, each of which will be the center line of the wheel.The size of the wheels must not be the same - those that are located closer to the front, draw larger than the wheels are in the back of the tank.
Draw barrel tank.At the top of the draw a straight line and mark the underneath another.Closer to the bottom of the barrel Draw several rings, placed at some distance from each other.
Make drawing details.From the base of the barrel down to the middle line of caterpillars draw two parallel lines.Draw plates covering the tracks.One of them spend the entire length of the tank, and the second picture a small visible part of it, which looks out over the hull.Small parts is hard to draw the type of pencil drawing clearer.
Dim interior space around wheels.Draw a horizontal line across the width of the tracks to the image of the bump.Please note that the size of the tracks should be approximately 2 times less than the height of the entire tank.