negative value of sleep in which your friend becomes a murderer

If you dream you see murder committed by acquaintances of the person most likely this person can cause trouble in your life, be they direct cause or indirectly create an unpleasant situation to you.For example, it may be a direct conflict or conflict situation created a familiar person, be careful with it in real life and try to avoid the most acute situations in a relationship with him.Familiar killer, seen in a dream, can expound, as losses or intrigues, which build enemy or your enemies. Look all around.

If you dream you see murder, which in no way can be prevented, and it makes a familiar person, perhaps in the life waiting for you concerns about your own health.

According to Freud's dream book, to be a witness of some
one's violent death, a perfect person whom you know well, is that the relationship with him you're too rude, and you know it in your subconscious mind, you should be less selfish.

positive value of sleep with the murder

often killing dreamed you should be seen as a kind of warning to be careful in dealing with a person who commits it.Given the positive interpretation of dreams, it is necessary to say that a familiar person who kills someone you have a dream, means the beginning of a new stage in his life and the rapid development of the killer will play a key role in future developments. According to the French dream book, if you dream that friend kills someone - it means that he will bring into your life the joy and pleasure.

If you dream it was absolutely bloody murder - is a good sign, because the blood symbolizes the vitality and energy.Familiar killer will help you find them and open up the potential of which you never knew existed.Familiar man who kills someone in your dream also means getting rid of the qualities that prevent you grow in life, the same familiar will help in this in reality.

In interpreting dreams always keep in mind the current situation in life and, of course, take into account what are you to the people who have visited your dreams.Try to understand what they mean to you really.