Attack someone else's castle, but if you have a powerful army as a happy event here rely not worth it.Before the battle, the troops should arrange so that the arrows and Mages located on the flanks.Most low-speed units let stand closer to the center, opposite the gates of the city.
At the beginning of the siege ballista first attack hitters.If you have a skill ballistics, and you can send strokes ballista, first destroy the fortress gate.All troops not to fire first turn skip.
Magicians and arrow shooting attack all units of the garrison.Hero i
mpose on the shooters or the most powerful do not shoot the enemy unit "Blindness."
After the first course use all your opponent missed the course units, attack units closest to your enemy.
to the order of the defenders of the city, standing near a ditch defense, approach carefully so as not to stay on the line of the ditch.Otherwise, your team will take damage from the protection of the fortress moat.
If you have flying creatures fly they fly off the walls of the city and attack the soldiers of the garrison.The arrows let stand still and attack.The rest of the troops come right through the ruined gate, avoiding stops on the line of the ditch.
If you have a free magic power, put on your firing squad magic "Acceleration".Then your arrows will shoot first, which is very important.If enough mana, put this spell on all of its units.
Remains garrison shoot from a distance, as far as possible avoid the melee.Hardly anyone would like to receive at the end of the battle and lose the retaliation of the troops when you can shoot the remnants of the army of the enemy without loss.
last fall when a detachment of the garrison, the fortress is conquered.And observing the basic rules of attack the fort, you will incur a small loss, or they were not at all bear.Next, the main thing - to keep the city.