Types crankbaits

All wobblers can be divided into types depending on the shape of the body, buoyancy, color and depth.There are narrow fish "Original", "Hasky", "Magnum", some similar to fry "Minnow" or large "Fat", roach or perch "Shad".When choosing a model, it is necessary to imagine the preferences of predatory fish.For example, you can catch a pike on the volume lures with a large range of motion, and walleye can not resist the subtle and brisk fish.

Colours can be bright or in kind.The heated clear water in the summer is better to choose a more natural lures gray-green, earthy hues.And in the spring or autumn, especially in troubled waters, predators better peck on bright acid colors, totally unnatural, but

Depending on the weight and design of lures may be sinking, floating and neutral.The latter can even hang out in front of the nose of the passive predator, provoking him to a decisive shot.For fishing in small bodies of water or overgrown surface is better to choose a model with a diving depth of 0-0.5 meters, rivers or fast flowing suit shallow crankbaits (0.5-3 m), in deep lakes or ponds - deep, the depth of immersion5-6 meters.

Mount wobbler

considered the most reliable hard steel leash, which is tied to the main line.In this case, the pike will not be able to bite the bait and the possibility of losing her will be minimal.This leash is made of wire, length up to 8 cm, the role of the rifle carries one of the end loops, coiling and developing during following.The disadvantage of this method of attachment: it changes the game wobbler and its brilliance can scare fish.

second option - flyuorokarbonovy leash, with stronger performance than the main line.By wobbler he secured with fasteners not-a-knot, wire carbine does not throw the game.

Features postings

Depending on the design of the lure plays differently.Models with large blade gives a straight and intense game at uniform wiring.If the blade is shorter - in continuous broaching the game is likely to fail, but if jerk guiding fish will perform aerobatics.

novice angler better to use uniform wiring using a lure with a large blade.In this case, even without special skills will be provided with an active game, attractive for the predator.The slower the fisherman will Retractor - the deeper will be the bait.If

uniform game does not work worth a try jerk.We need to throw a wobbler, wait until he goes to the desired glbuinu (unless it is a floating model).Then, at the same time rotate the reel and twitch bait.This lure looks like a panic to paralyze fish and attracts attention.