for construction in the garden or in the yard of the children's playhouses do not need huge investment, only the desire and free time.

construction process

even need to make a playhouse small but the foundation for its stability.Digging a small trench around the perimeter of the future house, you should fill their rubble and put the supporting beams "ten".The support beams should be placed just below the uprights, which are mounted plank of the panel.It will also help with the laying of Log (of timber) for further laying the floor.

The support beams are held together by long screws.Then you can start collecting plank panels, the strongest of which will go to the floor house.Boards are also mou
nted on the boards of 100x50 and out of the house walls are formed, which are cut window and door openings, which should be located to the strength of the two studs.After that, all the components of future building covered stained and dried.When everything is dry, you can start to fix the flooring to floor joists, and then build a wall.For rigidity is better to use screws to 75 millimeters.

roof of the house is the main difficulty for the execution, because the panels to the roof needs to be done and attach the roof ridge, which can be made from a pair of boards, cut the edges at a right angle, so that they came together tightly, and that close the gap between the panels.

door can not do, but just issue as a door and window opening with colored decorative planks.

Decorating house

In principle, you can leave the house unpainted "hut".For adults it is certainly the most pleasant in this form.However, children tend to love all bright and colorful.This means that it makes sense to paint the house bright colors.

It can simply paint the walls one color, the roof - another, and stavenki - third.However, much more interesting to connect the imagination - and even draw in the process of registration of children's lodge.Great artistic skills to do so is not required.

example, you can make the roof "polka dots."If you cover it with red paint, and paint on top of the white point, will "muhomornaya" roof.On the walls, even the kids can draw flowers, butterflies, suns - generally anything.And, you can simply spray the walls "blobs" of different colors - the process can be very fun.Or "paint" the walls with colored prints of palms.

main thing - do not forget, after drying paint to cover its top lacquer - suitable, for example, Yachting.
final touch - interior of the house.In principle, the inside can not be anything, but it's better to put all the small table and a couple chairs.Their role can perform and suitable for the diameter of the hemp - saw cut.And you should definitely hang curtains on the windows, to house went really cozy!