Since ancient times, people wondered what it portend certain dreams?In order to answer this question, we need to look into the various downers.

Interpretation of dirt in the dream book of Nostradamus

Predictor fate of all mankind - the Frenchman Michel Nostradamus believed that dirt dreamed up someone in a dream may indicate the emergence of fast wealth and quite active with the rapidly developing events that can triggerthe birth of a lot of unpleasant rumors and gossip.

As in a dream you dreamed terrible mud, from which you can not get in any way, the very dream warns man that he can expect heavy trials of life or possible illness. draws you the dirt is a harbinger of events in which you start to get confused.

If you dream of a city filled with mud due to heavy rain or mudflow came down,
then sleep may be at hand.In fact, probable natural disasters, carrying massive loss of population and the emergence of financial problems related to the disaster of universal scale.

If you had a man deliberately stain themselves with mud, it is believed that it is - an omen of terrible epidemic, from which a cure has not yet been found.

spilled on plates dirt can foreshadow obtain wealth and the advent of universal abundance.

man washes dirt away with a dream - a harbinger of obtaining considerable funds and a good income.The vision that you have fallen into the mud, portends a quarrel with relatives because of your reckless actions and mud stained clothes will hint that against you is conceived affair with slander.

Interpretation of dirt in the Dream Miller

When you dream that you throw mud, maybe afoot provocation that can bring you heartache.Dirt among the flowers or other plants - the premise of strong financial position.You personally stepped in the mud - a warning of loss of trust in friends and relatives. unfamiliar man walking in the mud in your sleep, a warning will be soon the rumors and gossip that can dissolve friends or colleagues.

if the dream of dirty clothes on you it is likely that someone will try to discredit you and wash away the dirt on the clothes will be a symbol of your willpower, through which you will be able to withstand the slander of enemies and envious.