To begin, decide what you learn English.From this will largely depend on motivation, interest in studies, understanding the importance of the lessons and, of course, the choice of textbooks.Remarkably, if you have once studied English and know the basics of reading and pronunciation of words, suggestions.Then you can select English or American benefits, buy them or find online and print.

Select textbook

so-called authentic textbooks much better quality prepodnosimye material than the benefits of Russian editions.The authentic editions of Cambridge, Oxford, Longman, Macmillan present accessible form of presentation, colorful illustrations, understandable even without a Russian translation of the instructions other than the recording of d
ialogues in English.However, if you doubt that, without the teacher will be able to deal with the tasks, you can purchase English tutorials with Russian instructions in them.

regularity and diversity

language learning need to adhere to the constancy and occupy themselves with various tasks: analysis of new words and expressions, reading texts, listening to records, execution of tasks on grammar or vocabulary test.Textbooks are good because they can give jobs to all kinds of language activity, but this does not mean that they should be restricted.There are many educational or gaming materials in English: songs, movies, TV shows and books.You can also watch foreign channels and documentaries, listen to the radio.All this should definitely include in their teaching hours, as a form of training - is not only an excellent practice the language, but also entertainment.

takes at least two times a week.Even if you can not devote more than an hour lesson, let you take it for a short time practicing words or reading a short story than miss a lesson at all.

Start talking

Train not only the perception of the language listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar, but the spoken language, because the language - is, above all, communication.Make it a self-study seems complicated, but it is a necessary element of lessons.Find among friends with whom can be quite a bit, but regularly speak English, someone will help you and correct you.Either such a person can be found to communicate in Skype via foreign websites communication with native speakers.

Once in the target language country, do not hesitate to communicate with the locals.Even if you can not speak fluently and correctly - it is not scary, to explain the way you can, help gesture, you understand.Only overcoming shyness and each time starting communicate spontaneously, you can learn the language.

find in English what you like to do for you, then the training will take place with pleasure.If you do not initially know how well using materials which level you fit, pass the online test to determine their level of English.