you need
  • - canvas;
  • - hoop;
  • - thread;
  • - beads;
  • - painting scheme.
Choose a fabric that will be used to embroider.You can use a thick canvas, designed for embroidery floss.Its cells are large enough that allows you to not get lost in the pattern, and if the picture is small, you can not pull it in the hoop.You can also take an ordinary cloth, but when it is selected, be aware that too elastic materials distorted when embroidery.If you take a basis for normal tissue, it is necessary to tack on top of a rare canvas, which after completion of the thread is pulled out of the picture.During the selection of the basics you should remember that if the picture does not fill all the workspace, it will have to close embroidery floss (if yo
u take a strict canvas).
Depending on the type of fabric, select the thread.The thinner the material - the finer the thread.Furthermore, they must be combined (ideally - be the same) color.Needles for embroidery take quite thin, so they went into the hole beads, and at the same time with an eye large enough (wide enough for the selected thread).
basis to secure the embroidery frame, or if the picture is large, on a stretcher.If you embroider textured fabric, make sure that the hoop will not damage the surface.
Pick beads for a picture.Try to approximately calculate the required amount of each color, or buy a little more than what is required, so you do not have problems when you want to view beads in the store over.Also beads same shape and size, you can use a larger and bugle beads and to highlight any piece of the picture.
to create a large area paintings used the method of "embroidery on the account."This seam is the seam half, which we use for embroidery cross.Starting work is more convenient from the left corner of the picture and move in horizontal rows.Attach a string on the canvas, and bring it to the front side in the lower left corner of the first cell.Insert the needle into the bead and run it in the top right corner of the cell.Then the needle should appear in the bottom left corner of the next square of the same series.In this way, the entire first series of embroidered pattern.
Go to the new series of print needle in the upper right corner of the cage.Nanizhite bead and sew the bottom left corner.Thus, the joints alternate in one row - the even needle is right, top to bottom, in odd - left, bottom to top.
When the painting is completed, secure the thread on the wrong side of a double knot.The finished fabric can be designed frame.For this cloth is pulled over the cardboard of the appropriate size, the back side is fixed with adhesive and inserted into the frame.