you need
  • - Yarn;
  • - needles №3;
  • - scissors, compasses, pencil;
  • - two pieces of cardboard 10/10 cm;
  • - knowledge of basic techniques of knitting and technology implementation hinges on the spokes.
To start knitting, type the desired number of loops around the circumference of the head and knit elastic band.If you make a hat for an adult, then knit 4-7 cm. Then, not subtracting loop knit about eight centimeters.To cap was the exact size, you need to periodically try painting.And based on fitting to conclude, it is time to finish knitting , or not yet.
When the bulk of the hats related, we should start to narrow canvas.To do this, every five loops begin to diminish at first on one hinge.To do this, every
fifth and sixth loop provyazyvayte together.Thus knit almost to the end caps , to left to end the series 5-6.These series provyazyvaete, subtracting from 2 loops, t. E. Stretch the thread through the three loops.The remaining loops of the spokes to shoot without closing and prodernite through them folded in half thread.It is possible to make a hook.Turn the hat inside out and pull the loop.Tie a string on multiple nodes and cut off the excess.
How to finish
To make pompons, you will need to cut out a cardboard disc with two holes in the middle.Compasses, draw on both pieces of cardboard two circles with a common center.The first - with a diameter of 4 cm, the second - 10 cm in diameter. Cut out the contours.Fold the cut disks to each other.Then start to wind them onto the thread by passing it through the inner hole.Do this for as long as the middle of the hole is not left to stretch the thread.Cut the yarn on the outer circumference.Fold the string length of 60 cm in half and tie her future pompom between cardboard discs.Remove the wheels and tighten the string tighter.Tie a few knots and the same thread to sew pompom hat.
How to finish