you need
  • - yarn crocheted;
  • - straight spokes;
  • - circular knitting needles.
on needle thread yarn forms a loop - the lowest possible item of knitwear.From loops and is finished thing, mutual arrangement and methods vyvyazyvaniya loops depicted in the schemes perform Knits - instructions for knitters.
knit can be different.With two loops all the spokes on the left spokes moved to the right, vyvyazyvaya new series.Then right needle with the product taken in the left arm, and freed from the loops of the left becomes the right needle.And you repeat the process.This in turn rotates the canvas to the front of the knitters, the wrong side.
can knit in a circle.When this method is used, or a few lines of s
pokes (five or more) or a circular needle with the flexible member.When circular knitting knitters are always in front of the front of the product.Knit on the inner side of the circle is possible, but it is inconvenient.
If the working yarn stretch on the wrong side the product, you get a front loop.When the working thread thrown over the left needle and extends from knitters get the downside face of the loop - a loop Wrong.From a combination of these basic elements - the right and wrong loop - get knitting pattern.
If on one side of the web all the loops facial, a figure called the front embroidery.The reverse side of the cloth - Wrong surface.To link the front surface of two spokes, you need to turn provyazyvat number of facial and some backstitches loops.When the front surface of a circular knitting is done only facial loops Wrong smooth surface - one purl.
The front surface of
If two needles to knit all rows facial loops, you will get the same on both sides of a sheet.This method of knitting is called the garter embroidery.On circular needles for garter coats needed over facial knit purl loops and vice versa.
front side of the finished product can be performed in any pattern, or a combination of different ways of knitting.Many patterns backing a series of repetitive loops facial series, ie,knitted loops of facial facial over purl - purl.The implementation of the schemes knitwear while writing that purl rows are performed "on the image."