Select one song that you will sing, and second, to the tune from which you are going to perform.The first work can be a poem.The main requirement for it - the same number of syllables per line.For example, the lyrics of the song «On the field tanks rumbled" can be performed to the tune of the song «When spring comes" from the film "Spring on Zarechnaya Street", and vice versa.
song from which you will use the melody take wherever it is laid out lawfully.To do this, look for it on the official sites of authors and performers.
Download Audacity software from the following website:
Open the file with a song in the program, and then convert it into aminus.To do this, use the following description of the procedure: Save conversion results into a separate file with a new name.
Copy the file in an ordinary pocket MP3-player.Its headphone connected to the line input of the PC sound card.To her mic input, connect a microphone.Using the software mixer (different operating systems, the program has different names and ways of its launch also differ), activate both inputs, adjust the ratio of the signal levels received from them (if necessary, adjust the volume and the player), eliminate acoustic feedback.If you get rid of the latter does not work, plug in your headphones instead of speakers or reduce the volume to them.
on your computer to use the same recording program Audacity.Play a file on the player, and a microphone in time with the melody sing new words.Save the record.
Before using parody in any way refer to paragraph 3 of Article 1274 and paragraph 2 of Article 1266 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.