Set strings on a guitar tuners.Pull the string so that the knot at the base is not dissolved.Wrap the loose end of the string around the shaft, and begin to wind it.The string should be wound at the same time with his tail.Do not forget to hold the string hand as long as she will tighten itself.
2 Do not wind the shaft too much string , avoid piling up of turns at each other enough to be two overlaps.Take string tail in the opposite direction towards the winding coils and neatly arranged one behind the other.If you prefer to leave the ends of the long strings, place them so that they are not tangled with each other.
Pull string forced to speed up installatio
n.Pull the string up to two centimeters.To come off the string slots in the nut and the pedestal a few times with the power of your finger along its entire length.Pull the string after it lowered the tone.Make sure that the coils pulling strings not rested on the head of the body: it is fraught with breakage and split string .
Install string , starting with the first and sixth.Thus tucked string will not disturb you when you install the next.To avoid skewing the string, by setting them in a tree hole, wrap the first and sixth strings to the edges, and the rest - to the middle of the neck of the guitar.Make sure that the string goes to the top of the shaft nut.