you need
  • guitar, lyrics of future songs.
To get started, try to compose a very simple song structure.The most familiar model of the songs - songs, interspersed with chorus.Verse is usually 2-3, after each sung chorus.Each verse is a verse of the poem, and the chorus may differ in size and rhythm, but it must be combined with the sense of the rest of the text, in addition, the chorus usually focus the basic meaning of the text.Thus, writing the appropriate text, and if you can not, take some well-known poem, one of the verses which select as a chorus.
For your first song, select a set of simple chords, for example, Am, F, C, G, Dm, and E. These chords you can pl
ay almost anything.Play them, try to alternate in different sequences, try to match them with your text.Try to sing a verse alternating chords, playing their different battle or bust.
now up to the chorus.In such a standard refrain of the song should be the most vivid and expressive part of the song, its melody is not only to be different, but to be more emotional than the verse.You can add to the chorus chord, which was not in verse, you can even play it on other chords or another fight.The main thing - constantly humming a song to capture the optimum melody that will come to this song.Try all of their attempts to capture on tape - it is usually a handy phone or mp3-player.Losing a beautiful melody - a rather sad and disappointing.
Connect couplets with chorus - sing a song from start to finish.Now, you might think about joining all kinds of music and other "jewels" of your song.Entry can beat brute force on the chords used in the song, it is best to refrain - as the melody of the chorus will be immediately captured by the listener.
Experiment and do not stop at one method of writing songs - listen to as many songs of your favorite artists, try to grasp how to make their songs, try to imitate them, gradually building up its own style.