you need
  • - tracing paper or paper patterns;
  • - scissors;
  • - thread with a needle;
  • - lace tape width 3 cm, length 120 cm;
  • - the main fabric of 55 cm;
  • - lining fabric 55 cm.
Use Pattern summer hats, top is sewn from the wedges, it will be a tight fit your head.Transfer the pattern on tracing paper.Draw her two concentric circles with a diameter of 18 and 37 cm. Cut out the center circle and cut the paper at the outer circumference.This field hat.Make wedge pattern - draw an equilateral triangle with a base of 8.8 cm and a height of 17 cm. His hand is slightly rounded.Cut it out of paper - a wedge crown of your hat.
follow a pattern of primary and lining fabric cut to 1 parts o
f fields and 6 parts of the wedges.Take the thread with a needle and sew a wedge between the first of the lining fabric.Try it and make sure that you fit the top of the cap.Adjust the volume on the top of the head.Baste each other wedges from the underlying tissue.Stitch all seams both parts on the sewing machine.Remove basting.Iron the seams carefully, smoothing them on both sides.
Fold the top of the cap and the inside face of the field, then baste them together.Do this for parts of a cut of the fabric, and then - their backing.Stitch round both of the details on the sewing machine.Remove basting.
Remove item from the lining fabric inside out and insert it in the part made from the underlying tissue.Baste them together in a circle along the seam connecting the top hat with its brim.Defer a sewing machine field cap in the form of concentric circles, first at the seam and then departing from the connecting seam 2 cm. 5 Make these circles before reaching the edge of 2.5 cm.
Fold in the inside0.5 cm from the edges of the cap main and lining fabric.Insert between lace ribbon, baste it, and then prostrochite edge of the sewing machine.Remove the basting and iron fields your new hat.If desired, you can attach it to the artificial flower or tie a long scarf around the crown of thin chiffon.