you need
  • - 2 boards 2 cm thick;
  • - round window bolt;
  • - wooden blocks;
  • - thick wire;
  • - ball bearings or wheels on children's bicycle;
  • - tools and instruments.
scooter have 2 main parts - footrest and steering column.Start with the manufacturing steps.Cut a piece of plank length of 80-90 cm. In the back part cut a groove for the rear wheel.The depth of the recess must be greater than the sum of 2 cm radius and thickness of the wheel axis.
If you use ball bearings, shaft for them is a wooden rod.The outer parts of the axes treat a file to get the plane for fixing the rods to the board.Axis which shall be on the plane of the board which is facing the ground, attach screws.If you have a child on a bicycle wheel, it is adv
isable to use as the axis of the bolt, which is attached to a wooden boss with the aid of nuts.Boss is attached with screws to the bottom step.
on the front steps of the corners cut off by 45 °.On top of the board, attach the bar.Its width is equal to the width of the steps.Its length of 4-5 cm, and the height should be slightly greater than the length of the window latches.The front corners and cut the bar at 45 °.
Disassemble window latch.Take out a pen and a locking rod.They will not be necessary.From iron wire bend the U-shaped bracket.It should rotate freely in the bolt.Its ends should have a length somewhat larger than the board thickness plus the height of the column of three nuts.Cut the thread at the ends of the bracket under these nuts.Insert the bracket into the notch and fasten bolt upright on a wooden block steps.This is best done with screws.Check the ease of movement of the bracket in the resulting device.If the stroke is too tight, eroded or wooden clamp boss.
steering column fabricate exactly the same as the bandwagon.It differs by the fact that at the end opposite the wheel, nailed or fastened with screws transverse wooden slats.It serves as a rudder.It must be well sanded and put on his pieces of rubber hose.
The board of the steering column, in the place where it will connect with footrest, drill 2 holes for mounting bracket assembly rotation.Screw the ends of the staples on the nut and thread the puck.Insert the rods into the holes of the steering column.Screw has one washer and rigidly fix the design with the nuts and kontragaek. Scooter ready.