you need
  • player
  • Music recording
  • Computer
  • microphone and headphones
Start singing.Turn the player with your favorite song and start singing along.Try to pronounce words clearly.Sing out loud, but do not try to shout down the tape.If you want to learn how to sing a child, ask him to play in a recording studio, and explain that you first need to how to listen to the song.
learn the song, record it on your computer or a tape recorder and listen.You can compare your recording with a record of professional singer.Listen to the recording again and think about how it differs from recording a professional singer, apart from the lack of musical accompaniment.If you are with your child, listen to the recording together and discuss what worked and still have something
to work on.
Relax for ten minutes and then carefully listen to a song performed by a professional.Note the features of melody and intonation.You can gently knock the rhythm.Once again, to sing a song, write it down and finish this lesson.
Repeat the activity with the same song several times.If it still does not turn out the way you want, do not worry and start to learn another song, and this is repeated periodically.
Once you master a few songs, start to learn to control breathing.Do breathing exercises.Breathe in deeply, so that the diaphragm feel air movement.Exhale slowly.Make exercise a few times, try to sing as you exhale musical phrase.If the performance of pop songs is not immediately succeed, try to remember any drill song.They just designed to normalize the breathing of the soldiers.At the beginning of each class, repeat this exercise.Note that usually taken at the beginning of the breath of a musical phrase or between phrases in the song which usually coincide with the lines of text.