you need
  • program: audio converter.
Replace can music in the main menu.To do this, select the songs you want, and make sure that it is saved to MP3 format - it can be done by clicking on the icon, right-click and selecting "Properties".If the format does not match, you have to download audio converter (for example, Any Audio Converter) and to transfer the composition to the desired format.
Open the directory of the game and open the folder Sstrike, then Media, find the file in gamestartup.mp3.Copy the file name and the name you have selected the song as well, and then place it in the folder "with the replacement."Now when you start to play you
have installed the composition.If you delete this file, background music in the menu will not.
In case on any map of the music is playing, it can also be replaced.From standard locations like this can be done with cs_italy, the procedure is absolutely similar to the replacement of a file to play music in the main menu.At this time, the file is stored in a folder on Ambient Sound, in a directory called Opera.Unfortunately, the audio in this case is not sorted into folders, so if you need to find the audio from the other locations, you have to go through all the tracks in search of the one that you want to replace.
If you have your own server, you can change the ringtone that plays when new players.MP3 files must be placed in the folder Sound - & gt;Admin_plugin - & gt;Action, and then open the document and add a line actionsoundlist.txt joinserver admin_plugin / actions / pesni.mp3 name.If the string parameter joinserver already exists, then it must be replaced.
If the sound when connected will not be playable, you have to open the file mani_server.cfg (find it using the search) with Notepad, find the line mani_sounds_auto_download there and change the value of "0" to "1".