First we need to make a few quality recordings most popular songs.An important role is played by the right choice of tracks: Collect the songs that are popular with a greater number of listeners.Thus it is desirable that they are at least slightly differ in the rate and composition.Consider the views of all members of the group, as well as relatives of people related to the team.
Then proceed directly to a recording of selected compositions.If you have the experience and the necessary equipment, you can do it at home.The computer coupled with the professional sound card can achieve a decent recording quality.However, to achieve the greatest efficiency is better to turn to one of the recording studios.In addition to high-quality equipment, they will be able to provide its experience in recording and su
bsequent mixing.
Once recorded songs have appeared, it is necessary to warm up interest in the band with them.Start promotion via the Internet.Sign up for specialized sites for music groups (eg, a page dedicated to your group, place a detailed description, photos and recorded demo songs.
create a community of your team in the popular social networks ("VKontakte┬╗, Facebook, MySpace, etc.).Also, fill them with the fullest information about the group, add the recorded songs, invite new members into the community.Advertise Create a community blog, urban forums.
next step - taking part in various concerts and music festivals.Rock - live music, and advanced groups is impossible without the concert activity.To apply for participation in the concerts held in your town.Refer to the musical directors of clubs, houses of culture, festival organizers.Having a high-quality demo, you will greatly improve their chances to participate in the concerts.
No less important part - the media.Try to ensure that your team is a good information occasion.The more of you write, the more your audience.Refer to the TV to participate in the thematic programs or live concerts.