you need
  • Tunatic program or its equivalent.
To determine the name and the author liked music, download and install a free program Tunatic, which recognizes to play the melody.
2 Go to the website and choose a distribution that is suitable for your operating system.
After downloading the distribution install and run the program.
Connect a microphone to the computer and set it up.Go to the "Start" menu, then click on the icon "Control Panel" and then go to "Sounds and Audio Devices."
Select the "Volume" tab, click on the "Advanced" tab on top, click on "Settings" and there click on "Properties".Click the "Record" and put down there all the checkboxes, then click "OK".
menu that appears tick «Wave / MP3»
and set the slider to the maximum.Then turn on your player, while playing any music, and if the window settings appear shifty waves, so the sound arrives at the microphone and the program works fine.
Find melody , you want to define, Tunatic program then click on the icon with the magnifying glass (magnifying glass) to start playing a song or video.
After about 15 seconds, the program will display a window at the top of his title tune that is playing at the moment.The following artist will this melody arrow with reference to the source, where the melody you can download or buy in mp3 format or ringtones.
If you do not help software Tunatic, you can contact the service recognition tunes at
To recognize melody using this service, open the address and use one of the proposed options.Specify link to video or audio to an mp3.Then upload to the server ringtone from your computer and enter the captcha.
Next service will give you the name and artist of the music and lead below links where you can buy it online.