you need
  • - a set of new strings
  • - pointed object
Loosen the string was on guitar, and remove them.To do this, take any pointed object and use it to pry the loop on the screw chopping.Pull string holes of the drum.Neck of the guitar, if it is held on the screw after removing the string starts to oscillate.But the situation is normalized when they are installed again.
installation begins with the first string - the most delicate.This will avoid breaking the sequence of arrangement of the strings.Stand back from the end of a string and a half centimeters and make a bundle.
Set guitar horizontally.Loop the end of a knotted bundle over the stand and move under the strings on either side.In a loop thread t
he end of the string.Make sure that the unit was out of the loop.
tighten the noose tighter, so it does not blossomed.To do this, press the index finger to the base end of the string with the intersection of the loop.Keep all the time in the string taut.To tighten, pull the opposite end of the free hand.
Sit.Guitar place on the floor.To prevent unraveling string installed on the stand and keeping it taut push it to the bar right knee.Determine the hole in the roller chopping, feed him and bring an end to a string of about two centimeters.
Screw string on the platen.Keep in mind that all the strings have to twist in the same direction.Follow a few turns overlap.One of the lay across the rest of the turns.
Pull the string of his right hand.Hold at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the neck without allowing loosen.Continue to wind the string.When she finally is tightened, check its condition on the stand: libertine string can not hold the line.By installing the 4th, 5th and 6th (bass) string, you can not make knots.