psychological point of view

Effect names (and name) on the man and his life is connected, first of all, from a purely psychological factor, because people hear it constantly accessed, starting from school.If the name of a beautiful, pleasant for its owner, he feels more comfortable and confident.If the name of strange to be associated with some kind of curse or funny words, a person can become constrained when she hears her voice avoided.Sometimes systematic ridicule of classmates can cause psychological trauma to the child and it is developing an inferiority complex, and in addition to the dislike of his name.

sometimes vice versa - when a child with an unusual name more than others feel its uniqueness and because of this act w
ith greater confidence in their abilities.Bright, speaking the name of attracting attention to the person, wherever he was, and if he is able to take advantage of this, and does not hesitate, it could play into his hands, and even help to make a career.

esoteric point of view

In numerology and some other areas of knowledge it is believed that the name and surname, and patronymic of the person largely influences on his life and destiny.They consist of letters, each of which has its own vibration and corresponds to a certain number, and together they give the number of the name or the number of names, which partly form a person's character.It is important that the name and first name, and date of birth in harmony with each other.

changed his name

Sometimes women married and changed her last name, said that their life, luck, and even character changed after that.Someone is satisfied with these changes, and some not so.

Some of the girls before the wedding even sent to numerology or astrology, so he predicted, as a change of name may impact their life, and advised whether or not to change it.It also happens, the unfortunate husband decides to change the passport data and takes the surname of his wife.

also happen, that the baby's parents are turning to specialist advice to find out what name is best combined with the name of the newborn and increase its chances of success and happiness in life.

believed that all members of the family, clan, having a common name, one thing in common in destiny.Occurrences wife born husband in making his name often, and explain possible changes in her life.One kind of karmic lessons of one, the other - the other.

value have both letters of the surname alone, and the total number of names.All this affects the success of the man and his character.According to numerologists, the number of names determines the hereditary ability of the individual and other legacy "baggage" - opportunities, etc.For example, it is understood, a person in the family who were rich and enterprising people, the establishment of their business will be given more easily, as well as material well-being.