you need
  • - scheme of knitting;
  • - Knitting;
  • - the spokes;
  • - decorative elements;
  • - elastic underwear.
Before you start knitting, to determine the model of the future of his pants.Pick scheme pants, try it to your child .If you are satisfied, start knitting.Select the wool and knitting needles in size.They must be chosen on the basis of purpose related pants.If you want them to do for global warming, it is necessary to take a thick thread and the same needles.If pants need enough light to, for example, could go to ki
ndergarten, the average thickness of the thread need not thick spokes.Determined?Now move.
How to link
Usually, pants begin bred individual leg.Start with the right.Type in the spokes of the required number of loops.The initial number of loops is calculated from the relation: 2-3 loops per 1 cm, depending on the thickness of the filament.Begin leg elastic knit 1x1 - literally series 5-6.Provyazyvaya last row of gum evenly add about 10 stitches.
Next you need to knit the front embroidery.You can combine patterns in the process of mating, for example, to add a garter, or add a thread of another color that the product has turned colorful.So dovyazyvaete pants crotch up to the level of the child.Now the scheme of knitting a little change.Knit, adding both sides in every other row 2 times 1 st.Then, on the contrary, to decrease the second row in each 2 x 1 loop.Continue knitting the front embroidery to the level of the waist.Leg ends with a single rubber band again.Now it ranks vyvyazyvayut 8.
How to link
Similarly, a second tie, the left leg.Collect the product at the seams.Carefully sew the Gachi together.Explain part of the wrap and sew leaving a small opening.It is necessary to pass the gum that will hold pants belt.If desired, the product can be further decorate with fringe, applique, beads, buttons and other decorative elements.All, pants ready.Do not forget to moisten them, straighten and dry.
How to link