most often found in the songs of the name of Mary.This is understandable, because the so-called mother of Jesus Christ who dedicate and devote songs and Christian poets, and secular.About Mary you will find a lot of hymns and carols.The name is so popular among the people, adopted the Christian culture that Masha, Maroussi and Mary found in the songs at every step.
are popular among songwriters, as well as their students, and other biblical names - Anna and Catherine.Annam often dedicate songs, and that Catherine - this famous military "Katyusha", and black-eyed Cossack, savvy horse.By the way, during the war and in the early postwar years was a popular song about Lizaveta - "You're waiting, Lizaveta, other greetings."
many songs that mention the name of Natalia, Natasha, Natalie.You will
find them in many authors, from Bulat Okudzhava ("Grozny battle fires burning") to Yevgeny Martynov, Alexander Malinin, Vyacheslav Malezhik and Petlyura.
songs dedicated to Tatiana too much.Until now, popular song about the waitress Tanya from the movie "Carnival Night".This is the name of love and modern artists.They are in the repertoire of Hope Kadyshevo, Tatiana Ovsiyenko, Vladimir ASMOLOVSKY and other performers.
Largely thanks to Lewis Carroll and plays on it has become a popular name Alice.One of the best songs with the same name owned by Vladimir Vysotsky.However, this is not the initiation of lyrical - a song sings itself girl Alice.But the song that sings a bit-quartet "The Secret", a very different character, but it also says about Alice.This name is found in the song Paul Kashin, Irina Saltykov group "Ranetki".
The most famous song about Alexander, perhaps, singing Tatiana and Sergey Nikitin.This is a song from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears".But apart from this song, dedicated to the daughter of the main character of the film, there are many Sasha, Sashenek Shurochek and in the works of other authors.And the popular Belarusian band "Pesnyary" and Philip Kirkorov has a song "Alexandrina".
not indifferent to songwriters and the name of Alain.Songs about girls with the same name have Alexander Vertinsky Alexander Dolsky Arcadia North, Evgeny Martynov, Michael Shelega and many authors and performers.Popular songs heroine - Elena, Lena, Lena.About a police sergeant with the same name Aleksdr Galich sang "Song about Lena" have to drive brand Freidkin.Its heroine of the same name - Joseph Kobzon, a group of "Earthlings", Anton Dukhovskoi.
There are songs that mention a few names.If you wish to be found and those where a lot of names.But perhaps the champion in this sense - a hero of Andrei Mironov in the film "Straw Hat", which sings a song of Bulat Okudzhava "Marry": Yvette, Lisette, Musette, Jeannette, georgette and other people he could remember.Slightly inferior to him and lyrical character of the song Georges Brassens translated Brand Freidkin "Fernanda".