develop telekinesis can be, doing some exercises.The first will require disposable plastic cup: sit down and put the cup on the table in front of him sideways, focusing on the cup and try to move it.You can use your hands, making them smooth movement towards the cup.This exercise should be repeated every day for 8-10 minutes.Perfect for beginners.
second exercise is also designed for beginners.Take a jar, box of matches, a needle and a small strip of paper.Stick a needle in a box, a strip of paper folded in half and set for the end of the needle.Put the resulting "device" in a jar and close it.Then we try to mentally force the paper to move around an axis.We train every day, too.
another exercise.Hung on a short string
of a paper cone.Guides on the cone all their attention and present, as it begins to rotate around its axis.
Go ahead.Take a small container filled with water.Let it be a plate.On the surface of the water put the empty boxes of matches and mentally inspire his movement on the water surface.
match or hung like a light object on a thread.Makes this object rotate with the help of thought.In carrying out this exercise, many of the newcomers reach the first results after a week and a half.And you can take a compass and try to move it to the arrow at least 1 mm.This is much harder than the rotation of the matches on a string.
telekinesis After working on these simple exercises, you can complicate them by increasing the weight of items.